A Potential Cancer Treatment Stymied by Stigma, Politics and Big Money

cannabis_cures_cancer_google_itI am a skeptic about these things… or at least I used to be. I used to chalk it up to paranoia or attribute these things to conspiracy theorists trying to stir the pot. But the more I research things like climate change, big-agriculture, ALEC, etc. I become more and more skeptical, except now I am not skeptical of the assertions so much as I am skeptical of the industries and the government. A friend of mine posted this and my initial reaction was “Ok, there has got to be more to this.” So I looked into it and what I found was very interesting to say the least. It is true that cannabis and its constituent compounds such as THC and CBD have had very positive results with regard to treating tumors and pain in the very few small studies that have been done. But the problem is that politics, funding, the war on drugs (a lot of gray area there) and the interests of pharmaceutical companies have been a monkey wrench in the gears of the medical marijuana machine. Cannabis can’t be patented for one. It doesn’t belong to pharmaceutical companies. It belongs to God or Mother Nature depending on your outlook. Some pharmaceutical companies have and are attempting to create synthetic versions of cannabis and its various compounds. But they haven’t been able to replicate the natural version well enough. They don’t get the same results. I looked and looked assuming that all of the articles that supported cannabis as a potential weapon to be used against cancers would come from homeopathic sites or from sites supported by “hippie” marijuana advocates.  There is nothing wrong with either of those platforms, but they might tend to spin the idea in a manner that supports the foundation of their core beliefs on this topic.  We all might do this when pushing a cause.  I did find support from such sources, but I also found a number of credible, highly respected medical journals, universities and research hospitals that, at the very least, acknowledge the potential medical benefits (ie cures for cancers) of these oils derived from cannabis plants. What I did NOT find was much claiming that this was a hoax or inaccurate or grossly misrepresented.

As you may know, clinical trials must be approved by the FDA and the patients must be approved as well based on their individual circumstances. Sometimes those circumstances include a round of chemo and radiation before going through the trial treatment. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps they want an out if the trial is too successful? I am speculating of course. And I will say that the FDA will sometimes make “special exceptions” for dire situations. But it is all very closely governed and there is a lot of red tape to slow the process and most people who need the trial treatments often don’t have time.  Don’t get me wrong, these trials need to be overseen, but by an agency that has the people’s best interest at heart. Not by those who stand to lose profit margins or campaign funding to new discoveries. Anyway, I’ve blathered on long enough. If you are interested at all you can check out the links I included and check out you tube for some tear jerking, heartwarming, eye-opening accounts, news reports and documentaries on this.

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